It is a great optionfor folding standard copy papers

Overview: The Dynafold AF-300 desktop electric paper folder safety product-Welding helmets is an easy to use light volume folding machine.Itis designed for folding letter or legal sized paper and can beconfigured to fold documents in half, into a letter fold, in a zig zagfold or with a fold out.This review will take a look at the strengths, features, weaknesses and limitations of the AF300 paper folding machine. Strengths / Features: For such an inexpensive paper folding machine, theDynafold AF300 is actually fairly feature rich. It is capable offolding sheets that are letter size, A4 size or legal size and can setto fold custom sizes of paper as small as 4″ x 6″.The AF-300can be set to do one of four primary folding patterns including a halffold, a fold out, a letter fold or a zig-zag fold. However, the foldplates on the AF-300 are set manually and thus can be configured forcustom folds that are different from the four preset folds.

Thefolder operates at a speed of up to 4000 sheets per hour or can be setto fold documents manually. It can even fold sets of up to 3 sheets ofpaper through the manual feed slot.The AF-300 has a feedhopper capable of holding up to fifty sheets of 20lb paper at a time.However it is best to keep it to about half that many in order toprevent feed problems and paper jams.The AF-300 also comeswith a convenient desk stand and a metal paper catch bin that is idealfor setting the machine on your desk or beside your postage meter. Weaknesses / Limitations: The fold plates on the AF-300 need to be adjustedmanually.

You have to loosen the set screws and move the paper stops tothe correct positions. This can be pretty tricky and it can take awhile to set the folder up so that it folds correctly. One trick toremember when setting up the fold plates is to use the manual feed knobon the side of machine to feed the paper through the machine. Payattention to the paper as it hits the paper stops. If the paper stopsare crooked the machine won’t fold straight. The AF-300 can take aslong as 10-15 minutes to set up. This makes it ideal for users who justneed to do just one style of fold. The AF-300 is notdesigned for folding heavy or glossy paper stocks.

It is a great optionfor folding standard copy papers but will have difficulties feedingheavier stocks through the fold rollers of the machine.TheAF-300 is really best suited for low volume folding. For users who needto fold a few hundred documents a week this machine is probably areasonable solution. However, it is important to understand that usingthis machine you WILL have paper jams and if you try to fold a lot ofpaper it will be a headache. This is true of all paper folders in thisprice range. It is something that many users simply don’t understandbefore purchasing this type of unit.